Purpose and Scope

​​31-camsempozyumu(2016)-091.jpgOne of the first industrial initiatives of the Republican Government was to establish of the glass industry. Having been established in 1925 with a view to meeting the requirement for basic glassware on national level, Şişecam has expanded its field of interest and influence since then and succeeded in becoming a global corporation in addition to being the leader of national glass industry. In that regard, Şişecam initiated Corporate Research and Development Activities in 1976 due to its firm conviction as to the necessity of producing information and technology rather than just using them.  

Şişecam organized its first symposium in 1985 simultaneously with the annual meeting of International Commissions on Glass (ICG) in order to announce the 50th anniversary of the corporation to the world based on the principle that "information grows when shared" and it has continued to undertake such information and skills sharing activities in a resolute and respectable manner for 34 years.

A review into the 34-year history of glass symposiums reveals that it has not only ensured sharing development activities which might be regarded as communication of technical information but also turned out to be a meeting platform for all the administrative and technical staff of a technology-focused company.

Various important issues are addressed including without limitation glass science and production technologies, macro- and micro-economic developments, social changes, marketing and management methods.

Self-confidence arising from turning the symposium into a respectable scientific platform from an organization restricted to Şişecam in terms of presentations and participations encouraged the company to expand it to the national and international level.

It has turned into a platform where R&D vision of glass world is shared with national and international experts since 2010, 75th anniversary of the corporation. 28th Symposium was further enriched in terms of sharing and synergy since Universities were also invited to participate as audience in addition to inviting a number of invaluable lecturers.

Şişecam Glass Symposiums that  has been growing steadily and strongly for 34 years has hosted joint meetings with the International Commission on Glass (ICG) three times in this process. 11th symposium was organized in cooperation with International Commision on Glass (ICG), a directing and regulating body for glass world, in 1996. The symposium turned out to be highly popular among stakeholders owing to the fact that Şişecam played an increasingly active role in the organization to which it became a member in 1981. The last of these was held at the Haliç Congress Center in 2017 with 417 participants in five parallel sessions for three days and 171 presentations in three panels.

87 participants from 28 university and research institutions along with 49 participants form other institutions have registered to the 33rd Şişecam Glass Symposium. With the attending Şişecam personnel the total number of participants will be 525. After the special opening session, 78 presentations in 6 parallel sessions were presented.

It is our ambition to transform Şişecam Glass Symposium from a “one day event” format to a more comprehensive “international congress” attracting international participation with both quantitatively and qualitatively enhanced content.

We would like to welcome you to the “Şişecam International Glass Conference​ combined with 34th Şişecam Glass Symposium” which shall bring together academics and experts working on and/or having a special interest in glass.

Prof. Şener Oktik, PhD. 
Research and Technological Development President​