President of ICG, Chair of IYOG2022 Research Professor CSIC, ES



Dr. Alicia Durán obtained a degree in Physics from the National University of Córdoba in Argentina and a PhD in Physical Sciences from the UAM, developing her professional career at the Institute of Ceramics and Glass of the Spanish Research Council (CSIC). Research Professor of CSIC and the responsible of the Glass Group (http://glass.icv.csic.es), with more than 250 publications in WOK (H index of 47), she is currently President of the International Commission on Glass (ICG). She received the Phoenix Award from the international glass industry, being named Glass Person of the Year 2019. Now she is leading the International Year of Glass 2022, approved by the GA of United Nations on May 18th 2021.

​Presentation ​

The United Nations International Year Of Glass-2022

​​​​On May 18, 2021 the United Nations General Assembly approved the resolution to declare the year 2022 “The International Year of Glass”. This is a seminal and celebratory moment for the global glass community. It is noteworthy that this is the first time that UN has accorded such a recognition to a specific material and represents an acknowledgment of the vital role glass has played and will continue to play in the advancement of human society. The UN resolution is the culmination of the vigorous leadership of the International Glass Commission (ICG) and enormous efforts of many individuals and organizations from all over the world. The vision for the International Year of Glass (IYoG) emerged from a series of activities centered on the theme of the “Glass Age” that took place during 2016-2018 and presentations made at various international glass forums. The talk will provide background information on the UN resolution and discuss the scientific, technological, and economic significance of glass, a vitally important material for meeting the challenges of climate change and developing equitable and sustainable society. The talk will also highlight the role glass has played in arts and advancing human civilization throughout the history and outline various events planned around the world to celebrate the year 2022 as the Year of Glass.