Development Manager
SAP Development Center Turkey, TR



Mr. Halatcı is Head of Software Development for SAP Turkey. He received his B.S. in Mechatronics Engineering at Sabanci University (2004). His M.S from Massachusetts Institute of Technology focused on space robotics (2006). He, then joined The Mathworks Inc. as a Software Developer working on simulation of dynamic systems followed by AVL as lead Syste​m Engineer for electrical vehicles. He is with SAP Turkey since 2013 as part of Technology & Innovation Big Data group.

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The Intelligent Enterprise

The virtuous cycle of innovation starts with utilizing big and diverse data to fuel ML/AI and advanced analytic solutions, leading to Applied Intelligence which, in turn, provides new levels of insights and automation for business processes. Reimagined business processes then close the loop by yielding even more data in higher quantities with higher quality. Current state of Artificial intelligence in enterprises is such that 85% of developed AI models never make it to production. 50% of companies still claim to struggle with the complexity of developing and deploying AI applications in a scalable fashion. Regulatory compliance is a major cost item which highlights data protection and governance as a requirement rather than a benefit. At SAP Big Data, we strive to create the platform that ensures a truly scalable, governed, and transparent approach to rapidly deliver business value from business data.