Executive Vice President R&D
Schott AG, DE



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Dr. Matthias Müller – Executive Vice President R&D and New Ventures, SCHOTT AG. As Material Scientist by education, he has over two decades of expertise in the specialty glass and materials industry, including experience in the field of semiconductors, solar, optical crystals and wafer technology, as well as general management and business responsibility. Today, he and his team are providing SCHOTT with new technologies, products, and businesses.

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The Future of Glass and New Glass Trends

For thousands of years, glass has accompanied humanity and contributed to society's achievements. The invention of specialty glass by Otto Schott led to the development of groundbreaking tools, including microscopes and telescopes, allowing humans to see the world differently through glass lenses.

Today, as it remains one of the most versatile materials, specialty glass is being applied to various industries, including health and life science, astronomy, energy, and automotive, enabling significant scientific and technological advancements.

Specialty glass is currently being utilized in the latest medical devices and diagnostics. This material also has the potential to support new energy sources and provide more sustainable solutions. F​or example, it has the capability to advance solid-state batteries for electric vehicles or contribute to new energy sources using hydrogen technology or nuclear fusion.

While specialty glass is key in finding more climate-neutral solutions, the glass industry is also taking responsibility for reducing its carbon footprint: As an energy-intensive company, SCHOTT is committed to becoming climate neutral by 2030.