Chief Strategy Officer
Şişecam, TR



Özlem Vergon graduated from Istanbul University, Department of Economics (English) in 1995. She later received her MBA from San Diego State University and completed the General Management program at Harvard University in 2013. Ms. Vergon joined Şişecam Flat Glass in 1996 as Planning Specialist Assistant and worked in various positions leading to Şişecam Flat Glass – Planning Director. Since January 2015, Ms. Vergon has been the Chief Strategy Officer at Şişecam Group.

​Presentation ​

The Effects of the Pandemic Process on The Glass Industry (Future Trends of 2020+)

​​​​Many forces shaped the formation of new generations and mega trends. Lifestyles, work life and industries have been affected by these mega trends. Developments of products & services are affected by these drivers. While mega trends trigger changes in products and services, demand for products and services also has influenced trends with circular interactions. As the main drivers of mega trends; demographics, technology and sustainability were always on the top of the list.

There can be some unexpected drivers as well that stimulate or disrupt the mega trends. In 2020, Covid-19 have disrupted many trends and sectors and accelerated some of the existing ones, such as digitalization and technologies in health care. Covid-19 has changed our daily life, the work life, the way industries operate, the needs and products and services, while increasing the level of uncertainties. We all needed to accelerate our existing solutions and or needed to find new ones.

Why we do we need to follow and understand the trends? It is to be ready for the change (that has been accelerating), to manage risks, to seize opportunities and to overcome challenges. Technology and innovation for a sustainable future plays the major role in the changing world.

Being input to variety of industries with different applications, glass remains as solution to changing trends even to the effects of Covid-19. Glass is a product of today and the future with its innovative solutions, its integration to various applications and its contributions to circular economy. With close collaborations of the glass world, technological developments end efforts, glass will always continue to support a sustainable future.