Product Designer
Studio Rygalik, PL


Lead designer at Studio Rygalik working on architecture and products for premium companies and international brands including Cappellini, Moroso, Ghidini, Siemens, Heineken, or Ikea. An open minded educator with broad experience and PhD in industrial design; professor at Aalto University. Founder and creative director of furniture and accessories brand TRE Product; cofounder of the interdisciplinary community DesignNature and the creative campus in Sobole.​


DesignNature – Nature of Design
We live in times of realization that as humanity we have made many mistakes while developing our civilization. Therefore, there is a growing need to reset the values and development goals, and act swiftly and effectively. This requires the ability to both learn and unlearn in entirely new ways, going deep to the sole purpose of why we are here on the planet, and what we can do cleverly joining forces with nature. Glass industry is not an exception. How can we design and produce responsibly?​