Glass Development Associate
Corning Research and Development Corp. (CRDC), US



Dr. Mathieu Hubert is a Glass Development Associate at Corning. He received a MSc and a PhD in Chemistry from the Univ. of Rennes 1, France, and a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from the Univ. of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, working on chalcogenide glasses and glass-ceramics for optical applications in the infrared. He joined CelSian Glass&Solar in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, in 2013, as glass scientist / glass technologist, where hi his activities included contract research and consulting for companies in the glass industry. He joined Corning in 2016, working on the development of new glass products. He is the author or co-author of 14 peer-reviewed papers, 6 book chapters, holds 2 patents, plus 6 pending patent applications. Mathieu Hubert is a member of the Coordinating Technical Committee of the ICG (International Commission on Glass) and a board member of the GlassTrend consortium.

​Presentation ​

Specialty Glasses

Glass has been produced and found in multiple applications for centuries, thanks to its outstanding properties, versatility, and progress made in both glass science and glass engineering. While having a rich history, glass remains a material of the future, as notably highlighted by the decision of the United Nations to declare 2022 at the UN International Year of Glass (IYOG2022). In this presentation, examples of how specialty glasses enable and support our future will be presented, and some of the challenges for he the glass industry to meet these goals will be discussed.