Senior Technical Manager
European Turbine Network, BE



Rene Vijgen is a Senior Technical Manager at ETN Global, responsible for the management and coordination of ongoing and future ETN projects. Previously he worked as a Head of Sulzer’s Gas Turbine Services EMEA and was involved in the business growth in China and Russia. He started his career as R&D engineer in gas turbine component repair and gradually took over different management positions in the turbomachinery service business. Through technical innovations and product development he was able to grow the business significantly. Rene studied Mechanical Engineering and received a PhD degree at Eindhoven, University of Technology.​​

​Presentation ​

Supercritical CO2 Power Cycle Demonstration In Operational Environment Locally Valorising Industrial Waste Heat​

​​​​The presentation will address a general introduction to the CO2OLHEAT project, its objectives, complexity and the initial results and findings.


CO2OLHEAT is an EU funded project started in June 2001. It will demonstrate at TRL 7 the operation of a 2 MW Waste-Heat-to-power (WH2P) skid in the CEMEX cement manufacturing plant in Prachovice (Czech Republic). The technology is based on a 2MW-sCO2 cycle able to efficiently valorize local waste heat at a significant temperature above 400°C and will demonstrate the EU MW scale first-of-a-kind waste heat-sCO2 plant. The project consortium will analyse sCO2 WH2P potential from a technical, economic and environmental point of view, developing innovative models for the design of the cycle and of the turbomachinery. In addition to this, the project team will assess the CO2OLHEAT cycle benefits in the glass, aluminium, steel, and power generation sectors via techno-economic and Life Cycle based replication feasibility studies, involving relevant EU industrial players. The consortium, involving the key turbomachinery OEMs, energy intensive industries, energy utilities and R&D partners, is highly committed to bring soon CO2OLHEAT sCO2 cycle technologies on the market. Thanks to its robust demonstration and replication campaign, CO2OLHEAT can be considered a “demonstration to market” project, being keystone for EU sCO2 turbomachinery industry and for a more effective waste heat valorisation.